This is a unique shape of the pendant. It includes a precious conch pearl. All Akoya pearls are imported directly from the pearl farms of Japan.


What are conch pearl and Why are conch pearl so rare?

Pretty and pastel-hued, a conch pearl is a calcareous concretion produced by the Queen conch (pronounced “conk”) mollusk, which is a large, edible sea snail. Most often pink in color and normally oval-shaped, the finest examples display a wave-like “flame” structure on their surface and have a creamy, porcelain-like appearance and unique shimmer. more...


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Including With Your Purchase:

2.35ct Conch Pearl Pendant PT Gold w/ Diamond w/ Japanese Certificate

  • Origin Japan
    Material Conch Pearl, PT900 White Gold and Natural Diamonds.

    Necklace length 40-45cm (Adjustable)


    Conch Pearl

    • Shaped: Oval
    • Size: 2.35ct/5.8 x 9.5 mm
    • Quality: AAAA
    • Nacre: Very Thick
    • Color: Pink with Strong Flame Structure
    • Luster: Very High



    • Metal: PT900 White Gold
    • Other: 0.21ct of SI Quality Natural Diamonds
    • Included 18k White Gold Chain 40-45cm Adjustable.
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